M. C. Ximénès

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The Méjean Lagoon (France) is a confined, shallow system, 0.7 m in depth, with a surface area of 747 ha. Its sediments have a fine granulometry and are evenly distributed. The bathymetry and hydrodynamic behaviour of the basin create two zones with restricted exchanges between them. The western part (60% of the total surface area) is rich in dissolved(More)
In Thau coastal lagoon, phosphate concentrations have decreased by 89% from 1971 to 1994. The present relatively long term (over 25 years) study compares changes in the contribution of point (PS) and non-point sources (NPS) total phosphorus (P) loads. The analysis of the distribution of the sources in comparison with the changes in the phosphate(More)
This article concerns seasonal variations in the phosphate concentrations in two coastal lagoons near Montpellier (Mediterranean coast, France). The o-P concentration in the overlying water is highest during summer. The role of the sediment, particularly that of the different P fractions in the sediment, is discussed. Significant variations, especially in(More)
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