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A preoperative computed tomography (CT) scan grading muscular fatty degeneration in five stages was done in 63 patients scheduled for repair of a torn rotator cuff. The results were compared with postoperative evaluation done after a mean of 17.7 months in 57 patients. Postoperative arthrographies were also performed in 56 patients. Preoperative CT scans(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine, using a serotyping assay, whether the occurrence of extrahepatic immunologic disorders in patients with chronic hepatitis C is dependent on hepatitis C virus serotype. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Liver unit and virology laboratory of a university hospital. PATIENTS 59 consecutive patients with chronic hepatitis C. (More)
Hepatitis C virus-related chronic hepatitis may be associated with various immunological disorders. The aim of this study was to determine prospectively the prevalence of the clinical, biochemical and pathological immunological abnormalities in a series of 61 consecutive patients with chronic hepatitis C, compared with those in 61 age- and sex-matched(More)
Synovial amyloid deposits were found in 18 patients with end-stage renal failure due to various nonamyloid nephropathies, who had been treated with long-term, periodic hemodialysis (mean 116 months). All patients had carpal tunnel syndrome, which was bilateral in 14 of them; 4 patients also had finger flexor tenosynovitis. In 2 patients, destructive(More)
The beta-2 microglobulin type of amyloidosis was identified in articular and para-articular tissues of 14 patients with non-amyloid nephropathies undergoing long-term hemodialysis. Ten patients had carpal tunnel syndrome, 13 had juxta-articular radiolucent cysts (complicated by spontaneous fractures of the femoral neck in three), and six had destructive(More)
The extent of fatty infiltration of rotator cuff muscles was evaluated on computed tomography displays using a five-point scoring system in 63 shoulders before surgery for a rotator cuff tear and in 57 of these shoulders after surgical repair of the tear (the quality of cuff repair was evaluated in these 57 shoulders by arthrography, usually coupled with(More)
We report one case of Solitary infantile Myofibromatosis of Bone in a 14-year old girl. Radiologic features of the tibial lesion were consistent with the diagnosis of a benign bone tumor. The final diagnosis was made on a total resection of the tumor. Histologically, the tumor consisted of nodules, hyalinized or cellular, with spindle-shaped cells(More)
We investigated the possible use of acrylic cement containing chemotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of malignant lesions in bone. The diffusion of methotrexate (MTX) from methylpolymethacrylate implants was studied in vitro: polymerisation of the cement did not destroy the drug; liberation began immediately and about 10% was released by 18 hours. Some(More)
The histological and immunohistochemical findings of 34 biopsy specimens from patients with Langerhans' cell histiocytosis (LCH) are reported, with special emphasis on the findings with CD1a mouse monoclonal antibody (MAb) O10 using paraffin-embedded material. Eighteen patients were treated in an adult hospital (mean age, 26.3 years), and the 16 others were(More)