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BACKGROUND Blaschko-linear psoriasis is a rare disease about which only a few publications have appeared in the literature. This form of psoriasis poses problems of differential diagnosis with regard to other forms of inflammatory Blaschko-linear dermatoses. Herein, we report an original case, the linear nature of which was revealed by treatment with(More)
BACKGROUND In the course of mycosis fungoides, pilofollicular manifestations without mucinosis (papules, keratoses, comedones, or epidermal cysts) are rare (15 cases reported). Therefore, histological and clinical diagnoses may be difficult. The clinical course and histopathological and immunohistochemical findings in 9 patients are described. (More)
BACKGROUND Subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma is a rare disease and diagnosis is often difficult. We report two cases of subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma simulating panniculitis and initially treated with systemic steroids. PATIENTS AND METHODS Case No. 1. A 75-year-old woman, otherwise asymptomatic, presented with plaques and nodules of the legs present for 4(More)
INTRODUCTION Purpuric allergic contact dermatitis is a rare and poorly understood condition. CASE REPORT A 27-year-old male patient with a personal history of atopic dermatitis since childhood consulted for chronic papular-purpuric rash present for 7 years. Moderate pruritus was seen. Profuse lesions were observed on the palms and soles and on the upper(More)
Cystic adenoid carcinoma or cylindroma of the breast is a rare tumour, and until new only 140 cases have been described in the literature. The clinical criteria are not very specific: tumour in a woman of 50 years of age, with slow growth, unilateral, well delimited, firm, peri-areolar, painless and not adherent to the skin nor the deep tissues. The(More)
INTRODUCTION White lentiginosis is characterized by white guttate macules with a typical histological structure: lentiginosis hyperplasia with hypopigmentation. OBSERVATION A 23-year-old woman, from Algeria, presented with white macules from 5 years ago. Few women in her family had the same trouble. Cutaneous examination revealed diffused white little(More)
We describe four patients with erythrodermic cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (two with erythrodermic mycosis fungoides, and two with Sézary syndrome) who presented with extensive hypopigmented lesions that occurred during flares of their cutaneous disease. These cases must be distinguished from previously described hypopigmented mycosis fungoides where(More)
INTRODUCTION A chronic pruriginous eruption of eosinophil-rich follicular papules and pustules is observed in AIDS patients. The pathogenesis of this disease, termed eosinophil folliculitis, is poorly understood and treatment is debated. CASE REPORT A 30-year-old woman with AIDS developed highly pruriginous lesions of 5 month duration localized on the(More)
INTRODUCTION This article introduces a new case of Rowell's syndrome, a controversial entity defined by the association of lupus erythematosus and erythema multiforme. OBSERVATION A 43-year-old woman was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus induced by esomeprazole. Because her eruption did not improve after withdrawal of the drug, hydroxychloroquine was(More)