M C Swaminathan

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Food and nutrition security are intimately interconnected, since only a food based approach can help in overcoming malnutrition in an economically and socially sustainable manner. Food production provides the base for food security as it is a key determinant of food availability. This paper deals with different aspects of ensuring high productivity and(More)
Ragi (Eleusine coracana) is a grain of considerable importance in the dietary of millions of people who inhabit the Deccan Plateau of India. It is generally raised as a dry (rain-fed) crop, though in certain areas it is also raised as an irrigated crop. The grains are usually red-brown in colour, though white-skinned varieties are also known. The grain is(More)
A protein malnutrition survey was carried out in ten areas of four States of South India among children under 5 years of age in families with a monthly income of less than Rs 100, estimated to constitute 85% of the population. The agricultural situation and socio-economic conditions are described. The diets investigated consisted largely of cereals, with(More)