M. C. Sunny Wong

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Femoral nerve block (FNB) is an accepted mode of analgesia for lower limb procedures but has a documented complication rate. This study compared femoral nerve and fascia iliaca regional anesthesia for total knee arthroplasty (TKA), using fentanyl consumption as the primary outcome measure. Ninety-eight primary unilateral TKA patients were blinded and(More)
The ImmuKnow ICFA reports ex vivo CD4 lymphocyte activation to quantify immunosuppression. Limited organ and age-specific data exist for pediatric heart transplant recipients. We sought to examine their normative values and ICFA's association with rejection/infection. A total of 380 ICFAs from 58 heart transplant recipients (6.5/recipient) were studied(More)
Temple (2002) argues that the inflation level used in Romer (1993) lacks power in revealing the policy intentions of monetary authorities. Temple also points out that Romer's use of the openness inflation correlation cannot be explained by time consistency theory. In this article, we demonstrate that more open economies experience less inflation volatility(More)
Temple (2002) empirically challenges Romer’s (1993) negative opennessinflation relation on empirical grounds. This article links economic openness to the slopes of aggregate supply (AS) and aggregate demand (AD) to explain why the openness-inflation relation can be ambiguous. Starting with a widely used assumption initiated by Romer (1993) that more open(More)
This paper constructs new rankings of economics journals, economics departments, and economists that employ a measure of teaching-focused research productivity, an area of growing importance in recent years. The ranking methodologies presented here use information from articles that were published from 1991 through the early part of 2005 within the Journal(More)
Using bilateral trade data for 210 countries over the period 1948-2003, this paper attempts to shed some light on the relationship between the WTO and members' trade volatilities. We find that the trade among WTO members tends to be more stable than the trade outside the WTO, and there is strong evidence of interdependence of trade volatilities. The results(More)
An important disconnect exists between the current use of formal modeling and applied statistical analysis. In general, a lack of linkage between the two can produce statistically significant parameters of ambiguous origin that, in turn, fail to assist in falsifying theories and hypotheses. To address this scientific challenge, a framework for unification(More)
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