M C Shannon

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An experiment involving 560 crossbred pigs (28 replications of 4 to 6 pigs per pen) was conducted at 9 research stations to assess the effects of dietary concentrations of corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) on pig performance and belly firmness. Fortified corn-soybean meal diets containing 0, 15, 30, or 45% DDGS were fed in 3 phases from 33(More)
A full-season mating disruption trial was conducted in 5–23-acre plots on five farms, to assess the efficacy of two different pheromone dispensing systems against codling moth (CM), oriental fruit moth (OFM), lesser appleworm (LAW), and obliquebanded leafroller (OBLR): Checkmate Puffers (against CM, OFM, and LAW), and SPLAT (against CM, OFM, LAW and OBLR).(More)
A cooperative study comprising growth performance, bone mineralization, and nutrient balance experiments was conducted at 11 stations to determine the standardized total-tract digestible (STTD) P requirement of 20-kg pigs using broken-line regression analysis. Monocalcium phosphate and limestone were added to a corn-soybean meal-based diet at the expense of(More)
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