M C Schunk

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OBJECTIVES It is unknown whether high levels of lactate result from enhanced production or decreased degradation. We therefore investigated differences in the kinetics of plasma lactic acid in HIV-infected patients receiving or not receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and in uninfected controls after submaximal ergometric exercise. (More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the electrical activity of the peroneus longus muscle in 12 normal subjects during eight variations of bridging. Electromyographic recordings were made using fine-wire electrodes and an ink-writing polygraph. Differences in the amount of electrical activity during bilateral and unilateral bridging, with and(More)
Berichtet wird über 2 Patientinnen (Alter: 56 Jahre bzw. 64 Jahre), die über in Abhängigkeit von der Mundöffnung wechselnde Ohrenbeschwerden klagten. In beiden Fällen fand sich eine tumorartige weiche Vorwölbung der vorderen Gehörgangswand, die ihre Größe bei Bewegung veränderte. Computertomographisch zeigte sich ein glatt begrenzter Knochendefekt der(More)
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