M. C. Peel

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Gedney et al. attribute an increase in the twentieth-century continental runoff to the suppression of plant transpiration by CO2-induced stomatal closure, by replicating a continental runoff data set. However, we have concerns about this data set and the methods used to construct it, in addition to those already raised, which we believe may undermine their(More)
L-moment ratio diagrams are increasingly being used in the literature for selecting a probability distribution function for regional frequency analysis. Two graphical methods are often used in the distribution selection process, the sample average and a line of best-fit through the sample L-moment ratios. Examples of homogeneous and heterogeneous regional(More)
  • Thomas A Mcmahon, Geoffrey G S Pegram, Richard M Vogel, Murray C Peel
  • 2007
Annual and monthly streamflows for 729 rivers from a global data set are used to assess the adequacy of five techniques to estimate the relationship between reservoir capacity, target draft (or yield) and reliability of supply. The techniques examined are extended deficit analysis (EDA), behaviour analysis, sequent peak algorithm (SPA), Vogel and Stedinger(More)
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