M. C. Osterheld

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BACKGROUND Cytologic evaluation of the biliary tract strictures is nowadays widely used for distinguishing between benign and malignant lesions but remains a challenge for some problematic cases. Digital Image cytometry (DNA-cytometry) helps cytopathologists to resolve some unclear situations. METHODS We have analysed 41 specimens of bile duct brushings(More)
BACKGROUND Differential diagnosis between hydropic abortion, partial mole and complete mole is still a challenge for pathologists but really important for patient management. MATERIAL AND METHOD In this study, we have evaluated 111 products of conception from the first trimester. Histological analysis was made according to the main diagnostic(More)
Early gastric cancer (EGC) is defined as a carcinoma limited to the mucosa or mucosa and submucosa, irrespective of whether metastasis to lymph nodes has occurred. EGC presents a much more favorable prognosis than advanced gastric carcinoma (AGC), with a 5-year survival rate between 88% and 96% for EGC versus 45% to 50% for AGC. Moreover, some gastric(More)
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