M. C. Nicotra

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Intracellular kinases mediate positive signalling from surface receptors by phosphorylating critical target proteins whereas phosphatases inhibit this process. Differential phosphatase activity at the feto-maternal interface could determine the appropriate relative growth and development on each side of the placenta. The highly polymorphic cytosolic low(More)
Surface X-ray diffraction has been employed to elucidate the structure of the interface between a well-characterized (001) surface of 0.1 wt % Nb−SrTiO 3 and liquid H 2 O. Results are reported for the clean surface, the surface in contact with a drop of liquid water, and the surface after the water droplet has been removed with a flow of nitrogen. The(More)
The Auger Fluorescence Detector will allow to determine the longitudinal development of atmospheric showers in the range 10 19 eV to 10 21 eV. A detector module comprises an array of 2022 PMT's at the focal surface of a large-aperture telescope. 30 such modules will beused. The PMT's pixel signal is variable in shape depending on the shower-eye geometry. T(More)
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