M C Meunier-Salaun

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Few issues in swine production are as complex as floor space allowances. One method for pork producers to calculate floor space allowance (A) is to convert BW into a 2-dimensional concept yielding an expression of A = k * BW(0.667). Data on ADG, ADFI, and G:F were obtained from published peer-reviewed studies. Five data sets were created: A =(More)
Agonistic behavior, neuroendocrine and plasma metabolite changes, and muscle glycogen content were studied in 16 fed and 16 24 h-fasted domestic Large White pigs (100 +/- 5 kg) submitted to dyadic encounters (30 min) in a novel environment. Comparisons were made with corresponding control pigs (eight fed and eight 24 h-fasted animals) kept under resting(More)
Fifteen groups of eight pigs were allocated .34, .68 or 1.01 m2 lying area per pig between 25 and 100 kg live weight. These values were chosen in accordance with Petherick's model to prevent all pigs from lying in full recumbency (.68 m2/pig) or on their sternum and belly (.34 m2/pig). Productivity decreased in the groups of pigs allowed only .34(More)
Cholecystokinin (CCK) modulates learning and memory processes in mammals. The main objective of this work was to study the effect of two cholecystokinin receptor antagonists (CCKA antagonist devazepide and CCKB antagonist PD135158) on feed memory processes in Japanese quail. Memorization of colored food was measured by comparing the feeding behavior of 6-(More)
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