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The crossabilities of 177 landraces of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) from Sichuan Basin and its adjacent mountain ranges with rye (Secale cereale L.) have been tested. 16 landraces possess a higher crossability than Chinese Spring, 34 landraces have a similar and 127 landraces have a lower crossability than Chinese Spring or are non-crossable with rye. Most(More)
A novel electrochemical sensor for the detection of sulfur dioxide in both gas and solution is described. The chemically modified electrode was constructed by polymerizing (4-VP), palladium and iridium oxide (PVP/Pd/IrO(2)) onto a platinum microelectrode which exhibits excellent catalytic activity toward sulfite with an oxidation potential of +0.50 V. The(More)
Surface properties of rare-earth (RE) doped ceria (RE = Sm, Gd, Pr, and Tb) were investigated by UV (325 nm) and visible (514, 633, and 785 nm) Raman spectroscopy, combined with UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectra techniques. It was found that the optical absorption(More)
The crossability percentages of 118 landraces of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) from Shaanxi and Henan provinces, China with rye (Secale cereale L.) have been tested. 14 landraces possess a higher crossability percentage than Chinese Spring, 30 landraces have a similar to and 74 landraces have a lower crossability percentage than Chinese Spring or are(More)
The removal of 238Pu and 241Am by five chelating agents prepared in China was compared in pilot experiments with removal by Ca-DTPA and LICAM(C). The most promising substance is quinamic acid (a methyliminodiacetic polyquinoline derivative, code name 811 or 703-73), especially in combination with Ca-DTPA. However, the best over-all reduction of both 238Pu(More)
A novel electrochemical sensor has been developed for the detection of carbon monoxide. The chemically modified electrode, prepared by reaction of cysteine and then an Au colloid of size approximately 15 nm with a platinum microelectrode, has excellent catalytic activity toward carbon monoxide, with an oxidation potential of +600 mV relative to the Ag/AgCl(More)
The adsorption and desorption of hydrogen on Ir/SiO(2) catalyst were studied by using in situ diffuse reflection infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy (DRIFTS) combined with curve-fitting analysis. The results indicate that there are three different surface species formed on the catalyst that correspond to the peaks at 1950, 2010, and 2035 cm(-1),(More)
Ag/SmVO4 composite photocatalysts were synthesized and characterized by BET, XRD, Raman, SEM, TEM, XPS and DRS techniques. Their photocatalytic activities were determined by oxidative decomposition of RhB in aqueous solution under visible light irradiation. The charge separation efficiency was evaluated by the photocurrent-time and ֹOH-trapping experiments.(More)
Polycrystalline GaN thin films have been deposited epitaxially on a ZnO-buffered (111)-oriented Si substrate by molecular beam epitaxy. The microstructural and compositional characteristics of the films were studied by analytical transmission electron microscopy (TEM). A SiO(2) amorphous layer about 3.5 nm in thickness between the Si/ZnO interface has been(More)