M. C. Lee

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We report three autopsy cases of congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in fetuses with a review of literature. The clinical manifestations in these cases of congenital CMV infection include intrauterine fetal death, hydrops fetalis, and CMV pneumonia associated with cardiovascular defect. The pathological characteristics were as follows: 1) the kidney(More)
We study the problem of video shot boundary detection using an adaptive edge-oriented framework. Our approach is distinct in its use of multiple multilevel features in the required processing. Adaptation is provided by a careful analysis of these multilevel features, based on shot variability. We consider three levels of adaptation: at the feature(More)
The proliferation of powerful mobile devices and the deployment of large displays in public spaces give rise to new and exciting opportunities in personalized and targeted advertising. Advertising in such public spaces also raises interesting questions in several areas such as capturing and aggregating user context, tailoring of ads, measuring advertisement(More)
Color is one of the most important image features used in content-based image retrieval (CBIR). This paper proposes a robust and effective color feature known as ring-based fuzzy histogram (RFH), which reduces noise sensitivity in conventional color histograms (CCH) by using two stages of fuzzy clustering. By partitioning images into rings, RFH can capture(More)