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Data are presented from transcranial insonation of the middle cerebral artery (MCA) performed at intervals in 23 unconscious children for whom the outcome was subsequently poor. Once an MCA signal had been observed over a 30 minute period with time averaged velocity less than 10 cm s-1 and/or a direction of flow index, DFI, defined as 1 minus the ratio of(More)
A series of children having tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy was investigated for hypoxaemia during sleep and to assess the value of signs and symptoms as predictors of hypoxaemia. Forty-four children were studied the night before surgery. Oxygen saturation (SaO2) was measured whilst the child was awake using a pulse oximeter and when the child was asleep(More)
cups of coffee or tea each day as usual. If there is a dose response relation between coffee consumption and coronary heart disease or low birthweight babies, as seems to be the case, and that risk is mediated by caffeine then smokers who abstain would be at continuing high risk because of their caffeine consumption. Doctors offering antismoking treatment(More)
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