M C Gutiérrez-Alonso

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A new type of DNA-intercalating viologen dications, derived from the N,N'-dialkyl-6-(2-pyridyl)phenanthridine structure (in which dialkyl is -CH2CH2-,-CH2CH2CH2-, or (-CH3)2, abbreviated dq2pyp, dq3pyp, and Me2pyp, respectively), are able to produce frank strand breaks in supercoiled plasmid DNA upon irradiation with visible light. The amount of(More)
Binding to B-DNA of one enantiomer of dq3pyp, --a member of a novel family of intercalating luminescent viologens derived from N,N'-dialkyl-6-(2-pyridyl)phenanthridine, in which dialkyl is -(CH2)2- (dq2pyp), -(CH2)3- (dq3pyp), or (-CH3)2 (Me2pyp)--, is strongly favored compared to its estable atropisomer. Evidence of the stereospecific interaction has been(More)
A new type of DNA-interacting violgens derived from the N,N'-dialkyl 6-(2-pyridinium)-phenanthridinium structure (in which dialkyl is -CH2CH2-,-CH2CH2CH2-, or (-CH3)2) have been synthesized. Electronic spectroscopy, steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence, cyclic voltammetry, binding isotherms, viscosity titrations, and molecular modeling techniques(More)
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