M C Glenday

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Smoking is a major modifiable risk factor in pregnancy, and low-cost interventions have been developed and tested in diverse populations of pregnant smokers. Successful intervention depends on identification, however, and nondisclosure can be a problem. This randomized study compared rates of disclosure with two response formats--multiple choice, in which(More)
Because selection of studies for a literature review influences conclusions, inclusion criteria are of utmost importance. For a meta-analysis of studies testing effects of patient education on preventive behaviors, we present the framework and concepts used for setting inclusion criteria for primary studies. We also present the yield in terms of number and(More)
This randomized 2 x 2 study compared disclosure rates of alcohol use with two response formats (multiple choice and dichotomous) and two communication channels (oral and written) in an adult prenatal population (N = 1078). The multiple choice question improved disclosure, regardless of channel, by 40% across white, African-American, and Hispanic subgroups.
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ectocervical sampling methods and sequence on Papanicolaou smear adequacy. METHODS A randomized clinical trial was performed using either a curved cytologic sampling brush or Ayre spatula for ectocervical sampling before or after a straight sampling brush for endocervical sampling. (More)
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