M C Eveleigh

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In patients with fulminating pulmonary edema not responsive to conventional therapy, venoarterial membrane lung bypass can provide assistance if decreased systemic blood pressure prevents use of high-level positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation. In 10 patients with acute respiratory failure, partial venoarterial bypass provided a rapid and marked(More)
A retrospective study was carried out of 333 patients who had been treated by chemonucleolysis with chymopapain. The efficacy and safety of this treatment were evaluated and factors exerting a statistically significant effect on the quality of the results were selected from clinical and radiological data and the conditions of chemonucleolysis. Results were(More)
A hemodynamic study with blood gas analysis was performed so we could observe changes induced by blood volume expansion, dopamine infusion and isoproterenol infusion in 20 adult patients suffering from peritonitis complicated with septic shock and acute respiratory failure. Blood volume expansion increased cardiac index (from 2.6 +/- 1.21/min/m2 to 3.4 +/-(More)
The results of bone scintigraphy were compared with those of plain skeletal X-rays in 26 patients with multiple myeloma who all presented radiological and/or scintigraphic skeletal lesions. 364 bone sites were studied: 135 of them were abnormal, 64 on the plain X-ray alone, 21 on scintigraphy alone and 50 on both examinations. The sensitivity of the bone(More)
The retrospective study of 111 patients having undergone a postero-lateral arthrodesis for lumbar disc degeneration or spondylolisthesis has enabled to evaluate functional results according to the clinical criteria of Stauffer and Coventry with a mean follow-up of 9.5 years, and to examine among clinical and socio-professional elements, X-rays data and(More)
In 61 patients with rheumatoid polyarthritis, we studied the rheumatoid factors isotypes, class IgM, IgG, IgA and the abnormalities of the ratio CD4/CD8 (lymphocytes with membrane phenotype "helper"/lymphocytes with membrane phenotype "suppressor") determined by monoclonal antibodies. We found a statistically significant increase of the rate of IgM(More)