M C Dutrillaux

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Endocrine pancreatic tissue in newborn rats was studied 1 to 17 days after the destruction of B cells by an injection of streptozotocin. Regeneration of insulin cells was observed four days after streptozotocin injection, which was followed by recovery from the diabetic state and an increased pancreatic insulin content. Regeneration was characterised by new(More)
An ultrastructural study of endocrine cells was performed in the pancreas of rats treated with a single dose of streptozotocin on the day of birth. Most of the B cells present at birth were destroyed by streptozotocin but some survived and could again synthesize insulin after eliminating their altered fragments in phago-lysosome structures. New B cells were(More)
The effects of glucagon, gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP) and somatostatin on the generation of cyclic AMP have been studied under basal and histamine- or secretin-stimulated conditions in tubular gastric glands isolated by means of EDTA from the rat fundus and antrum. Four types of cell could be identified by electron microscopy; namely, parietal, mucous,(More)
The pancreas of a child with intractable neonatal hypoglycemia was explanted in tissue culture on plasma clot and in monolayer culture after enzymatic dissociation. 1. Cytological and immunoenzymatic studies of pancreas before explantation showed a very altered structure, suggesting a polyendocrine tumor composed mainly of B cells. Endocrine cells were(More)
In the rabbit, pancreatic duct ligation leads to serious disturbances of the pancreatic endocrine parenchyma. Immunocytochemical studies conducted over a short period (between 5 and 30 days post ligation) allow observation of a progressive dissociation of the Langerhans islets which initially affects the splenic part of the pancreas, a region where numerous(More)
Large numbers of mucopolysaccharide secreting cells were found in the pancreatic tissue of children with nesidioblastosis. Ultrastructural studies showed that mucus cells contained secretion granules and a characteristic smooth endoplasmic reticulum composed of an array of anastomosed tubules. The periodic acid - thiocarbohydrazide - silver reaction(More)
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