M. C. Durán-de-Bazúa

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This paper deals with the physicochemical characterization, including thermal behaviour, by differential scanning calorimetry of mango seed almond fat (MAF), alone and in mixtures with cocoa butter (CB). Results showed that mango almond seeds contain about 5.28-11.26% (dw) of fat. The refraction index is 1.466, the saponification index 189.0 and the iodine(More)
In this work, the hydrolysis of sucrose from clarified sugar cane juice and further purified juice was studied in a tubular reactor packed with immobilized invertase in calcium alginate. An analysis of response surface for the desirability function of conversion to glucose and fructose (Yp/s) and reactor volumetric productivity (Qp) in a Box–Behnken(More)
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