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When cultured cerebellar macroneurons develop attached to a laminin-containing substrate or after the acute addition of laminin to the tissue culture medium, there is an acceleration in the rate and extent of axonal elongation. Furthermore, laminin is capable of inducing axonal formation and microtubule stabilization in neurons arrested at stage II of(More)
We report here a novel intracellular localization and function of Tau proteins in cultured cerebellar neurons. Immunofluorescence staining of detergent-extracted cytoskeletons with antibodies specific for Tau proteins revealed intense labeling of growth cone microtubules. Besides, suppression of Tau by antisense oligonucleotide treatment results in the(More)
Low density dissociated cultures of embryonic rat hippocampal cells were used to study the effects of neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) on neuronal morphogenesis. The results obtained indicate that NT-3 enhances neurite outgrowth and branching; this is a dose-dependent effect, detected in approximately 50% of the neurons, and prevented by K-252a, an inhibitor of the(More)
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