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Baseline stereotypic movements in 224 autistic children were studied as well as their relationship to certain demographic variables and measures of overall symptomatology and severity of illness. Prediction of haloperidol-related dyskinesias with measures of stereotypies and demographic variables was also attempted. Stereotypies were present in at least(More)
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study was designed to assess critically the effects of naltrexone on behavioral symptoms and learning in autistic children, and its safety. This is a preliminary report on 18 children, ages 3.08 to 7.99 years, who completed this ongoing study. Subjects were randomly assigned to naltrexone or placebo and received daily(More)
Serum and saliva lithium levels are presented for 30 inpatients, ages 5.12 to 11.95 years, diagnosed as having conduct disorder of the undersocialized aggressive type. Maintenance doses of lithium carbonate ranged from 600 mg to 1,500 mg/day. Serum and saliva lithium levels were significantly correlated at optimal dose (r = .78, p less than .001) and(More)
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