M. C. Chi

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In the present study, the potent inducers of phase II detoxifying and antioxidant stress responsive to icariside II was investigated. First, a dose of 0-10 µM icariside II showed no significantly cytotoxicity on HepG2 cells by MTT assays and icariside II could enhance cellular GSH levels by ELISA assay. Then, the potential roles of ERK, Akt and JNK in the(More)
Propofol (2, 6-diisopropylphenol), is an anesthetic and routinely used for the humans sedation during surgery. The potent inducers of phase II detoxifying and antioxidant stress responsive to propofol were investigated. First, a dose of 25-100 µM propofol showed no significant cytotoxicity on SH-SY5Y cells and pre-treatment of SH-SY5Y cells with propofol(More)
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is now known as an important neuromodulator in the central nervous system. The aim of the current study was to investigate whether exogenous H2S gas can attenuate brain edema induced by experimental stroke and to clarify the potential mechanisms. Rats underwent 2-h middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) and received 40 ppm or 80 ppm(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the predictability of visual function and peripapillary nerve fiber layer thickness by cross-sectional areas of extraocular muscles in patients with Graves ophthalmopathy. DESIGN Interventional case series. METHODS The data on a total of 76 patients with Graves ophthalmopathy were collected, and the cross-sectional areas of 4 rectus(More)
Cumulative evidences addressed that electroacupuncture (EA) was favorably effective in the treatment of trauma stress-induced immunodeficiency and physical disorders. However, the salutary effects of EA under operation trauma conditions mediated via p38 MAPK remain unknown. Hence, our study aimed to further investigate the effects of EA on CD4+/CD8+(More)
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