M C Bonazzi

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A study was set up to compare the drinking habits of women of childbearing age in two cities (Milan and Southampton) in two countries, Italy and the United Kingdom, and to look at the effects of alcohol consumption on the weight of the babies born to these women. The sample consisted of 1516 women in Milan and 996 in Southampton, who were interviewed after(More)
Coxiella burnetii is a Gram-negative intracellular bacterium and is the causative agent of the zoonotic disease Q fever. Several rodent and non-human primate models of virulent phase I C. burnetii [Nine Mile (NM)I] have been developed, and have been used to determine the efficacy of antibiotics and vaccine candidates. However, there are several advantages(More)
The association between factors involved in health care and the health status of the people has been proven. The use of health care services, particularly in the case of patients who suffer from chronic pathologies, has been the object of many studies aimed at establishing factors which contribute to guarantee permanence in treatment and implementation of(More)
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