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The amounts of prostaglandin E2 formed in vitro by the median eminences of adult male rats were greater than those produced by the median eminences of immature, 22 day-old rats. However, the amount of leukotriene C4 produced by the adult rat median eminences was lower than that produced by the immature rat median eminences. Analysis of the prostaglandin E2(More)
We show that the effect of prostaglandin (PG) E2 on luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) release involves a receptor-mediated process coupled to an adenylyl cyclase system. The adenylyl cyclase activity in rat hypothalamus synaptic membrane preparations was stimulated by PGE2 and this stimulation was directly related to the presence of guanine(More)
Abstract Prostaglandin E(2), (PGE(2)) is involved in the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-stimulated luteinizing hormone surge in female rats and may act via specific membrane receptors. The following studies were performed to determine whether there were any changes in the hypothalamic PGE(2) binding and/or PGE(2) content which were specific to(More)
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