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A major question in neural development is whether each part of the telencephalon has an equal potential to generate each cell type. In this study, we address this question specifically in regard to the generation of oligodendrocytes. We cultured precursor cells from two different regions of the rat embryonic telencephalon--the ganglionic eminence that the(More)
We have studied both the expression and the interactions of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) during brain development. We have discovered that during different periods of development, FAK apparently has different properties. During the early stage of neurogenesis, FAK is phosphorylated, shows multiple isoforms, and interacts with the proto-oncogenes, src, fyn,(More)
With so many neurotrophins and receptors now known, how is our picture of neurotrophism changing? Recent studies on knockout mice have confirmed our expectations of neurotrophin action in neuronal development. A notable exception is the activation of TrkB, on motor neurons, by an unknown ligand. It is also clear that some neurotrophins have diverse(More)
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