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During last 20 years ultrasonography has been widely used in Europe to investigate abdominal trauma. In United States it has not been considered a reliable test especially because of its lack of sensitivity in diagnosing parenchymal injuries. Recently American surgeons reconsidered ultrasonography in trauma and codified its use into FAST (Focused Assessment(More)
The Authors report a case of Castleman's disease in a 45-year-old woman. She was admitted to hospital because of a thrombophlebitis of the left lower limb. An abdominal echotomography showed evidence of a mass with a diameter of about 6 cm at the pancreatic isthmus, and a cyst (diameter 25 mm) in the right ovary. An explorative laparotomy was performed and(More)
At first, the authors mention indications and way of placement of the Angelchik prosthesis. Then after a wide review of the literature, they describe the complications and results. Finally a case of penetration into the stomach of an Angelchik prosthesis is reported. It was favourably resolved by an operation.
The paper reports a case of ureteral [correction of urethral] stenosis with ureterorectal [correction of urethro-rectal] fistula due to diverticulitis of the sigmoid [correction of sigma] which resolved following reconstruction of the urinary tract by ureterocystostomy [correction of urethrocystotomy] using a modified version of Boari's technique, with(More)
BACKGROUND Small bowel perforation is a major problem in abdominal typhi disease, but is seldom observed in Italy, as Salmonella typhi infections are rare in this Nation. The cause of perforation varies greatly. The reported mortality is high and varies from 23 up to 42%. A retrospective study has been performed in order to find how to improve the outcome.(More)
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