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Keywords: VOF Contact line Contact angle Dynamic contact angle Slip length a b s t r a c t Typical VOF algorithms rely on an implicit slip that scales with mesh refinement, to allow contact lines to move along no-slip boundaries. As a result, solutions of contact line phenomena vary continuously with mesh spacing; this paper presents examples of that(More)
One of the disputed consequences of global economic integration is the possible effect that foreign economic liberalization exerts on social cohesion. Proponents of commercial liberalism see stabilization as an indirect consequence of growing economic interdependence, while globalization critics are much more skeptical. They expect, at least during the(More)
This article presents the Konstanz One-Sided Violence Event Dataset (KOSVED) which allows researchers to study the dynamics of civilian abuse in 17 civil wars. The dataset provides, based on a multitude of sources, detailed information on the number of civilians killed or harmed by government or rebel troops. Where information is available, KOSVED also(More)
Laser cooling of stored 24 Mg þ ion beams recently led to the long anticipated experimental realization of Coulomb-ordered 'crystalline' ion beams in the low-energy RF-quadrupole storage ring PAul Laser CooLing Acceleration System (Munich). Moreover, systematic studies revealed severe constraints on the cooling scheme and the storage ring lattice for the(More)
Preface From its beginning in the Fifties of the last century, Artificial Intelligence was heavily supported by " defence agencies " in order to make " better warfare ". But, if an AI researchers assumes that her/his discipline really can deliver results—otherwise s/he would be a dishonest researcher—then why not try to use it to help decision-makers in(More)
Laser-plasma wakefield-based electron accelerators are expected to deliver ultrashort electron bunches with unprecedented peak currents. However, their actual pulse duration has never been directly measured in a single-shot experiment. We present measurements of the ultrashort duration of such electron bunches by means of THz time-domain interferometry.(More)
A typical adage of the globalization literature is that foreign economic liberalization undermines the social fabric of developing countries. This article examines this claim for the sub-Saharan African countries and thus the continent that experienced both low economic growth and a high incidence of armed conflict during the 1990s. Our results yield(More)
High-intensity laser plasma-based ion accelerators provide unsurpassed field gradients in the megavolt-per-micrometer range. They represent promising candidates for next-generation applications such as ion beam cancer therapy in compact facilities. The weak scaling of maximum ion energies with the square-root of the laser intensity, established for large(More)