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Although guidelines for the parenteral use of vitamin preparations in pediatric patients have been published, there are very limited data on the efficiency of these preparations and on the exact needs of infants and children on total parenteral nutrition (TPN). We report here an open, prospective, study of the blood levels of water-soluble vitamins in(More)
It is impossible not to note the small number of epidural anaesthetics given for obstetrics in France. The rarity of centres where it is offered by a team of specially trained anaesthetists and obstetricians contrasts with the increase in demand from the patients themselves. Study of the number of epidural anaesthetics predictable in obstetrics according to(More)
This second electromyographic study of AH-8165, a product derived from azobis-arymilidazo-(1-2a) pyridinium, carried out with a special apparatus which both stimulates and records, specifies the characteristics of the neuro-muscular block induced by this new non-depolarizing type curarizing substance while taking into account the usual factors of the(More)