M Buikhuisen

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Data on naturally occurring panic attacks were gathered through continuous self-monitoring for 94 patients suffering from panic disorder with agoraphobia. A total of 1276 panic attacks were collected. In this article various aspects of panic attacks, including severity, duration and time of onset and situations in which panic occurs are addressed. In(More)
OBJECTIVE Hyperventilation has been posed as an important symptom-producing mechanism in panic attacks. Some arguments and experimental findings, such as the possibility of inducing panic symptoms by voluntary hyperventilation in panic disorder patients, seem to favor this suggestion. This study was undertaken to clarify the role of hyperventilation in(More)
Since the publication of the first findings with a Fear Survey Schedule over five decades ago, there have been no published studies examining the extent of overlap of factorially-derived robust dimensions of irrational fears with social desirability or dissimulation. Due to measurement problems associated with the use of individual fear items or general(More)
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