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CNS neurons are endowed with the ability to recover from cytotoxic insults associated with the accumulation of proteinaceous aggregates in mouse models of polyglutamine disease, but the cellular mechanism underlying this phenomenon is unknown. Here, we show that autophagy is essential for the elimination of aggregated forms of mutant huntingtin and ataxin-1(More)
While much is known about the role of nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) in nucleocytoplasmic transport, the mechanism of NPC assembly into pores formed through the double lipid bilayer of the nuclear envelope is not well defined. To investigate the dynamics of NPCs, we developed a live-cell assay in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The nucleoporin Nup49p was(More)
Viene descritto l'isolamento e il chiarimento della struttura della bombesina e della alytesina due tetradecapeptidi attivi a struttura analoga presenti nella pelle fresca rispettivamente dellaBombina e dell'Alytes, anfibi europei della famiglia dei discoglossidi. I due polipeptidi manifestano azioni farmacologiche similari sulla pressione del sangue, su(More)
Studies of the essential nucleoporin Nup145p have shown that its depletion is coincident with a block in RNA export and that deletion of its amino-terminal domain results in clustering of nuclear pore complexes. To further define the functional domains of Nup145p, we have characterized a panel of nup145 mutants. Deletions from both the amino terminus and(More)
The nuclear pore complex (NPC) controls transport of macromolecules across the nuclear envelope. It is large and complex but appears to consist of only approximately 30 different proteins despite its mass of > 60MDa. Vertebrate NPC structure has been analyzed by several methods giving a comprehensive architectural model. Despite our knowledge of yeast(More)
Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) are large proteinaceous portals for exchanging macromolecules between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Revealing how this transport apparatus is assembled will be critical for understanding the nuclear transport mechanism. To address this issue and to identify factors that regulate NPC formation and dynamics, a novel(More)