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This paper describes a method for noise removal from ultrasonic signals used in NDE (Non Destructive Evaluation) applications. The method used is FPGA based adaptive noise cancellation. Indeed adaptive filtering is one of the core technologies in digital signal processing. We can find numerous application areas in science as well as in industry. Adaptive(More)
Networked Control System (NCS) is a synthetic application which combines control science, computer science and network technology. It is a kind of feedback control systems wherein the control loops are closed through real time control network. NCS technology is applied in industry control system because of its simple structure, easy maintenance and high(More)
---In a data distribution scenario the sensitive data given to agents can be leaked in some cases and can be found in unauthorized places. We consider the addition of fake objects to the distributed set which do not correspond to real entities but appear realistic to the agents. The distributor must assess the likelihood that the leaked data came from one(More)
Nowadays, video contents are stored in huge files or it is televised in continuous streams but the users need to retrieve only a particular part of topic or shots from video. So we need to split it in to short video segments with respect to appropriate retrieval units automatically and efficiently. In this research work, based on shot changes two different(More)
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used to map the network address (IP address) to a physical address (MAC address). Being a stateless protocol and lacking proper authentication mechanism in the ARP messages, ARP is vulnerable for cache poisoning attack. Attacker can perform Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack or Denial of Service (DoS) attack and can access(More)
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