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Service-oriented computing (SOC) has emerged as the eminent market environment for sharing and reusing service-centric capabilities. The underpinning for an orga-nization's use of SOC techniques is the ability to discover and compose Web services. Although industry approaches to composition have a strong notion of business processes, these approaches(More)
—In some cases, real-world application of software engineering concepts does not effectively map with current undergraduate curriculums. Typically, a student's first " hands-on " experience working on large-scale software development projects is via an intern position or his/her first full-time position. However, prior exposure to the corporate project(More)
The Web has undergone a tremendous change from a primarily publication platform towards a participatory and “programmable” platform, where a large number of heterogeneous Web-delivered services (including SOAP and RESTful Web services, RSS and Atom feeds) are emerging. It results in the creation of Web mashup applications with rich user experiences.(More)
Although atypical structural and functional superior temporal gyrus (STG) asymmetries are frequently observed in patients with schizophrenia and individuals with dyslexia, their significance is unclear. One possibility is that atypical asymmetries reflect a general risk factor that can be seen across multiple neurodevelopmental conditions--a risk factor(More)