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From the viewpoint of a project manager responsible for the V&V of a software system, mathematical verijcation techniques provide a potentially valuable addition to otherwise standard empirical testing. However, the value they add, both in terms of coverage and in fault detection, has been difficult to quantify. Potential cost savings from replacing testing(More)
This paper introduces a generic service oriented architectural model which can be employed for various classes of pervasive computing applications. The utility of the model is demonstrated with respect to its successful application in an Internet-based control system for multiple robots. A service abstraction technique is also introduced for describing(More)
While analysis of Nine Men’s Morris has been done, an optimal strategy for either player has yet to be presented. We utilize an adaptive learning program and AI in order to find out more about the optimal strategy. The tatics that we discuss have been verfied to ensure either player an advantage during gameplay. We hope to be able to develop the optimal(More)
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