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OBJECTIVES A class of sigmoid functions designated generalized von Bertalanffy, Gompertzian and generalized Logistic has been used to fit tumour growth data. Various models have been proposed to explain the biological significance and foundations of these functions. However, no model has been found to fully explain all three or the relationships between(More)
We find and analyze the Landau-Ginzburg potentials whose critical points determine chiral rings which are exactly the fusion rings of Sp(N)K WZW models. The quasi-homogeneous part of the potential associated with Sp(N)K is the same as the quasi-homogeneous part of that associated with SU(N + 1)K , showing that these potentials are different perturbations of(More)
Sigmoid functions have been applied in many areas to model self limited population growth. The most popular functions; General Logistic (GL), General von Bertalanffy (GV), and Gompertz (G), comprise a family of functions called Theta Logistic ([Formula: see text] L). Previously, we introduced a simple model of tumor cell population(More)
The growth characteristics of the recently derived Trans-Gompertz function are compared to those of the Generalized Logistic function. Both functions are defined by one shaping parameter and one rate parameter. The functions are matched at a specified point on the growth curve by equating both the first and second derivatives. Analysis shows that the(More)
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