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End-users information capture remains a sensitive challenge, especially when information is under the form of documents. The difficulty concerns information indexing so that information can be precisely queried. In the DRUID project, the end-user captures XML paragraph-centric documents (i.e. documents with tags delimiting narrative text paragraphs), and a(More)
The ability of two varieties (hard and soft) of almond peels, as inexpensive sorbents for the removal of bezanyl red (acid dye) from synthetic aqueous solutions has been studied. After their characterization by different techniques, (elemental analysis, biochemical analysis, IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy and(More)
A highly demanding cross-metathesis (CM) reaction for the formation of the C24-C25 trisubstituted olefin of dolabelide C has been optimized. A difference in reactivity between the E and Z enone isomers in this reaction was uncovered, and the selection of the Z isomer of the starting enone was critical for the success of the cross-metathesis. Application to(More)
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