M. Borgstrom

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Waveguiding of excitation beam and propagation of THz beam in a complex gradient environment were studied in an array of InP nanowires. Measurements by time-resolved THz spectroscopy accompanied by Monte-Carlo calculations of the response of localized charges enabled determination of transversal electron mobility.
In this paper, we present a status report on how implementation of nanoimprint lithography has advanced our research. Contact guidance nerve growth experiments have so far primarily been done on micrometer-structured surfaces. We have made a stamp with 17 areas of different, submicron, line width and spacing covering a total 2.6 mm/spl times/0.45 mm. This(More)
Investigation and understanding of growth parameters determining nanowire growth rates is necessary. For vertical architecture design relying on closely-spaced nanowire-based devices, absolute control of growth rates and wire (device) dimensions is required. Heterostructured nanowires where the segment dimensions critically determine quantization effects(More)
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