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The results of a previous study led us to believe that the association of HLA-DR4 and rheumatoid arthritis could be of particular interest in our region. In this work we typed 58 caucasoid patients in the Marseilles area by microlymphocytotoxicity assay in B-cells. HLA-DR4 was found to be at the same level as that observed by the authors in the 8th Workshop(More)
The authors studied the distribution of the sub-classes of T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood in 56 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by a technique of complement dependent lymphotoxicity, using monoclonal antibodies (ABm) which react with surface proteins p29/34 (HLA-DR) and Tp 30 (OKT 8-like). Classically, these ABm recognize the sub-groups of(More)
The complications of D-penicillamine are rare. It generally consists of reversible cholestatic hepatitis which may, however, be fatal. The authors report a typical case with a benign outcome and with concomitant signs of cutaneous intolerance with eosinophilia. The definite role of D-penicillamine was confirmed by the re-introduction of the drug.
The authors have been treating with a synthetic D penicillamine 12 patients affected with pains in the lumbar region or lumbosciaticas imputed to duroarachnoiditis in connection with surgical procedure or/and radiculosacography. The diagnosis is based on clinical arguments (3 cases), clinical and radiological arguments (radiculosacography : 3, phlebography(More)
The authors present six cases of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) complicated by vasculitis of varying clinical presentation: 2 cases of polyneuritis, 5 cases of skin lesions (dry gangrene, ulcers, purpura). The severity of the clinical picture required, in addition to the usual treatment (corticosteroids, immunosuppressants), plasma exchanges. A clinical(More)
The author reports two cases of severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) where the manifestations of necrosis vasculitis consisted of extensive and bullous gangrene of the lower limbs. In one case, the laboratory picture was that of major complement consumption (CH50 unmeasureable, marked fall in various compounds including C3 and C4) with very high levels of(More)