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The solution described in this paper is a web tool to access and manage patients' data in Ophthalmology. Clinical data are collected in a database through a system that can be easily utilized by physicians and internal information can be extracted for statistical purposes. The platform is also available for simultaneous Multicenter Clinical Trials. A(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate machine learning methods, ranging from simpler interpretable techniques to complex (non-linear) "black-box" approaches, for automated diagnosis of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). METHODS Data from healthy subjects and patients diagnosed with AMD or other retinal diseases were collected during routine visits via an(More)
This paper intends to present a Web-based application to collect and manage clinical data and clinical trials together in a unique tool. I-maculaweb is a user-friendly Web-application designed to manage, share, and analyze clinical data from patients affected by degenerative and vascular diseases of the macula. The unique and innovative scientific and(More)
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