M. Bonetti

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A scintigraphic single photon emission computed tomographic (SPECT) evaluation of frontal perfusion alteration was performed in five patients with known cerebellar lesions but with normal supratentorial computed tomographic (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) scans. A clearly evident asymmetry was found in prefrontal areas in the four subjects with acquired(More)
Diagnosis of brain death must be certain to allow discontinuation of artificial ventilation and organ transplantation. Brain death is present when all functions of the brain stem have irreversibly ceased. Clinical and electrophysiological criteria may be misinterpreted due to drug intoxication, hypothermia or technical artefacts. Thus, if clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Iron overload in patients with thalassemia is a common feature which requires continuous chelation therapy and monitoring. Serum ferritin determination is widely accepted as a simple method for following iron load in patients with primary hemochromatosis; however, several reports on thalassemic patients emphasize that ferritinemia is not accurate(More)
The authors describe the utility of fast and high-resolution multiplanar CT reconstructions in the study of the rachis. Their experience is reported with an up-to-date software with 2 different representation modalities (CMR 01B). A "package" of contiguous axial images is obtained in a standard way; the images are then reformatted by computer to obtain (in(More)
The Authors present the CT and MR findings in three patients with Krabbe disease: early infantile, late infantile and juvenile. Three children, 5 and 9 months old respectively with Krabbe disease, were studied with CT and MR. the children presented with spasticity and signs of peripheral neuropathy, blindness and no interaction with the environment. In all(More)
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