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An integrated array computational imaging system, dubbed PERIODIC, is presented which is capable of exploiting a diverse variety of optical information including sub-pixel displacements, phase, polarization, intensity, and wavelength. Several applications of this technology will be presented including digital superresolution, enhanced dynamic range and(More)
In the case of some specific cancers, immunotherapy is one of the possible treatments that can be considered. Our study is based on a mathematical model of patient-specific immunotherapy proposed in Kronik et al. (PLoS One 5(12):e15,482, 2010). This model was validated for clinical trials presented in Michael et al. (Clin Cancer Res 11(12):4469-4478, 2005).(More)
Heck reactions of some steroid derivatives possessing iodo-alkenyl moiety (17-iodo-androst-16-ene, 1, 17-iodo-4-aza-4-methyl-androst-16-en-3-one, 2, 17-iodo-4-aza-androst-16-en-3-one, 3) were carried out in the presence of palladium catalysts using various olefins (methyl acrylate, ethyl methacrylate, allyl alcohol and allyl acetate) as coupling partners.(More)
This report explores the magnetic and electric fields within the Cal Poly Miniature Xenon Ion (MiXI) Thruster V3 in order to create a comprehensive electric and magnetic model of the plasma chamber to analyze and test the current thruster configurations and changes to the existing thruster. This model is used to analyze the operation and efficiency of the(More)
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