M Boccuni

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Forty-five patients with cluster headache in the asymptomatic phase were studied by electronic pupillography, testing autonomic function of both pupils pharmacologically. Topical sympathetically-acting mydriatics, tyramine and cocaine and the cholinoceptor blocker, homatropine, induced defective mydriatic responses on the symptomatic side, indicating latent(More)
In 7 healthy volunteers 4% morphine eye-drops, when administered to one eye, caused a miosis limited to that eye. In 7 other healthy volunteers morphine was administered into one eye after bilateral instillation of 0.5% homatropine ophthalmic drops; the eye treated with morphine and homatropine showed a mydriasis less intense than the other eye treated only(More)
Pupillometry was used to evaluate the effect of oral or topically applied adrenomimetic drugs and of local morphine on pupillary size in headache patients and controls. In headache sufferers, a disruption of adrenergic transmission is suggested since the iris adrenergic nerve terminal is apparently poor in NE; this neuron also exhibits a reduced capacity of(More)
Migraine suffers who experience spontaneous syncopes (syncopal migraine) during attacks exhibit a dramatic intolerance to bromocriptine, a dopamine agonist. An oral dose of this drug renders these patients unable to stand, even for some hours, because of precipitously falling of arterial blood pressure. Treatment with domperidone, a specific dopamine(More)
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