M Blasco de Villalonga

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We report three cases of spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage; two patients had a ruptured angiomyolipoma and one had a Wünderlich's syndrome. They had presented with the so called Lenk's triad. The definitive diagnosis was made on the CT findings and treatment was by nephrectomy (cases 1 and 2) and simple evacuation of the hematoma (case 3). The(More)
The retroaortic renal vein is a malformation characterized by the presence of a vessel that drains the left renal blood up to the inferior vena cava crossing behind the aortic artery. Unfamiliarity with this condition may lead to an incorrect diagnosis of adenopathy in patients with testicular and/or renal neoplasia and increases the number of complications(More)
Metastatic tumors of the testis are extremely rare, if we exclude leukemias and lymphomas. The present article reports a case of renal adenocarcinoma metastatic to the testis that presented with paraneoplastic syndrome, hematuria and a palpable testicular mass. The literature on metastatic tumors of the testis is briefly reviewed.
We describe the unusual case of a young male who presented lower urinary tract obstruction secondary to a bladder-prostate embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. Initially he was treated with multiagent chemotherapy and radiotherapy in an attempt to preserve bladder function, but eventually radical cystoprostatectomy was warranted to control tumor growth. The(More)
Fournier's gangrene is an infectious necrotizing cellulitis of the penis and/or perineoscrotal region, which rapidly progresses and carries a high mortality. Eleven cases of Fournier's gangrene that had undergone an emergency procedure from 1985 to 1992 are described. Excellent results were achieved, with a survival rate of 91%. In our view, treatment of(More)
OBJECTIVES To draw attention to the possibility that distant intestinal metastasis can arise from transitional urothelial carcinoma located in the bladder. METHODS Two female patients developed distant metastasis during treatment of the tumor by transurethral resection of the bladder. RESULTS Following complicated transurethral resection with(More)
A case of von Hippel Lindau disease in a young female is described. Currently, surgery is unwarranted, since these patients only present cystic disease. However, subsequent control evaluations may indicate surgery since these cysts can easily progress to a carcinoma. The literature is briefly reviewed, with special reference to the therapeutic aspects of(More)
The florid post-TUR syndrome observed in one of our patients prompted us to conduct a prospective study on 100 males undergoing TUR to determine the natremia levels that could herald the presentation of this syndrome. Several parameters were evaluated, including pre- and post-operative serum sodium levels, total volume of irrigant used, and the weight of(More)
We reviewed the results achieved by ligation of the deep dorsal vein of the penis in 14 males with erectile dysfunction secondary to venous leakage. Prostaglandin E1 injection, echo Doppler and cavernosometry were utilized for the diagnosis. Surgical correction was performed when the cavernosometric flow required for erection was more than 200 cc/minute.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the best diagnostic approach and management of cystic renal mass. METHODS Four cases are described and the literature reviewed. RESULTS Of the 4 cases of cystic renal mass, 2 had a previous history of renal trauma. Puncture and aspiration of the cystic content were performed in three cases; cytology was positive for malignancy in(More)