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In the satellite images the noise is present such as mist, clouds etc., to remove the noise the Haar wavelet transforms are applied. Using the Image segmentation algorithm the major issue Deforestation is evaluated by comparing the image taken from the year 1939 and 2000. Deforestation is a serious issue that most nations face today. Deforestation is(More)
Methanosarcina mazei Go1 is a heterotrophic methanogenic archaean contributing a significant role in global methane cycling and biomethanation process. Phylogenomic relatedness and metabolic discrepancy of this genome were described herein by comparing its whole genome sequence, intergenomic distance, genome function, synteny homologs and origin of(More)
Multi-level inverter technology is used to obtain a high output power from medium voltage sources like batteries and solar panel. Reduced harmonic distortion in the output voltage and lower EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) are the main advantages of multi-level inverter. However, there are some disadvantages such as increased number of components as(More)
A segregating population of 220 F2 individuals was developed by raising the selfed F1 seeds of a single hybrid plant, White Ponni x Moroberekan. Two hundred and twenty F3 families were phenotyped for blast resistance under artificial condition. Bulksegregant analysis resulted in the identification of 12 leaf blast resistant phenotype specific RAPD markers.(More)
Gate Oxide Shorts has become an dominant failure in MOSFET while designing an IC. This defect will surely affect the yield and reliability of the device and memory. Therefore, A GOS Model that represent the minimum size GOS impacted MOSFET is introduced. First, An 6T SRAM(static random access memory) cell structure is designed and the MOSFET having this(More)
Chromosome pairing at pachytene in the F1 hybrid Arachis hypogaea X A. monticola was studied. Pairing was remarkably regular and segment by segment except for some minor differences. Chromosomes were identified individually at pachytene. The idiograms of A. hypogaea and A. monticola were identical. Meiosis was regular and fertility was high in the hybrid(More)
The present investigation was undertaken with a view to study Cytological behavior of F1 interspecific hybrids of diploid wild perennial species Helianthus maximilini (2n = 34) and with cultivated sunflower Helianthus annuus (2n = 34) prebred line M-106. The interspecific hybrids have annual life cycle with the diploid somatic chromosome number thirty four.(More)
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