M. Bevilacqua

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BACKGROUND Natriuretic peptides are useful markers for risk stratification of patients with heart disease. However, conflicting results have been reported about circulating atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) concentration in heart transplant recipients. METHODS To ascertain the effects of diabetes and acute insulin administration on plasma ANP(More)
Hyponatraemia is very common in AIDS patients. It is observed in about 40-50% of hospitalized patients. It may contribute to overall mortality in advanced disease. Vasopressin measurements in these patients basically present two distinct syndromes: hyponatraemia and 'normal' vasopressin levels (i.e. measurable vasopressin) and hyponatraemia with suppressed(More)
Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) is an inherited disease of unknown etiology characterized by recurrent inflammatory episodes. Circulating fibrin was found in patients with FMF in absence of clinical manifestation of thrombosis and was statistically less frequently observed in patients treated with colchicine. These results suggest a cellular dysfunction.(More)
Foot reflexology is both a diagnostic technique and therapy. It is an alternative therapy which is considered useful in pain management. Its effectiveness as a therapy has been studied at the Mestre hospital where a clinical study has been undertaken to determine the effectiveness of reflexology in the reduction of pain. A group of 40 persons suffering(More)
The electrooxidation of ethylene glycol (EG) and glycerol (G) has been studied: in alkaline media, in passive as well as active direct ethylene glycol fuel cells (DEGFCs), and in direct glycerol fuel cells (DGFCs) containing Pd-(Ni-Zn)/C as an anode electrocatalyst, that is, Pd nanoparticles supported on a Ni-Zn phase. For comparison, an anode(More)
Improved performance through milling: A method for enhancing the catalytic activity of supported metal nanoparticles is reported. This method enhances the activity for the ethanol electro-oxidation of a supported palladium catalyst. The much higher catalytic performance is ascribed to the increased electrochemically active surface area as well as the(More)
The selective and simultaneous production of hydrogen and chemicals from renewable alcohols, such as ethanol, glycerol, and ethylene glycol, can be accomplished by means of electrolyzers in which the anode electrocatalyst is appropriately designed to promote the partial and selective oxidation of the alcohol. In the electrolyzers described herein, the(More)
Introduction. Periodic limb movements during sleep (PLMs) is common in the elderly. When quality-of-life drops due to sleep disturbances, we speak about periodic limb movement disorder during sleep (PLMD). Another similar disorder, restless legs syndrome (RLS), is considered to be related to diabetes; RLS and PLMDs are genetically related. Our aim was to(More)
The simultaneous conversion of alcohols and sugars into energy and chemicals is a target of primary importance in sustainable chemistry. The realization of such a process provides renewable energy with no CO2 emission and, at the same time, leads to the production of industrially relevant feedstocks, such as aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids, from(More)
The aim of this study is the biometrical and morphological evaluation of the ovaries by sonography and the study of the haemodynamics of the ovarian artery flow by doppler ultrasound in 14 girls with precocious puberty and in 33 control subjects. All people ranged in age from 5 to 7 years. The gonadian mean volume and the mean pulsatility index have been(More)