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Within 35 years 1008 patients were treated that were taken ill in a malignant tumor of face, jaw and mouth. There was found in five patients a distant metastasis of a carcinoma in lower yaw. One case with metastasis in left mandibular condyle is being described. The diagnosis was found by using conventional X-ray examination, Computertomography and(More)
In a retrospective study the histopathological findings of 127 laparoscopically operated unilocular anechoic smooth-walled ovarian cysts have been correlated with clinical characteristics (age, duration of observation, complaints, hormonal treatment), size by ultrasound, kind and colour of cysts content as well as cytological findings. The age of patients(More)
Two years experiences with a computerassisted program for early detection of prestages and early cervical cancer in Rostock-city are reported. From 43.000 women invited to take part in the examination, 27.028 = 65% finally cooperated. Pathological Pap-smears were found in 134 cases (= 0,52%). Histological examination in 51 cases (= 0,2%) showed 1 Erosio(More)
BACKGROUND The high rate of recurrences of cholesteatomas after surgery is mostly caused by insufficient removal of matrix. Another factor may be intraoperative scattering of matrix cells e. g. with the running burr, which later may become the origin of new cholesteatoma growth. In this paper we tried to visualize these cells for gaining further(More)