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Long-term ex vivo live imaging combined with unbiased sampling of cycling precursors shows that macaque outer subventricular zone (OSVZ) includes four distinct basal radial glial (bRG) cell morphotypes, bearing apical and/or basal processes in addition to nonpolar intermediate progenitors (IPs). Each of the five precursor types exhibits extensive(More)
The link between cortical precursors G1 duration (TG1) and their mode of division remains a major unresolved issue of potential importance for regulating corticogenesis. Here, we induced a 25% reduction in TG1 in mouse cortical precursors via forced expression of cyclin D1 and cyclin E1. We found that in utero electroporation-mediated gene transfer(More)
Clustering of cells is based on their expression profiles (either volume, average expression, standard deviation, sum, median or Pearson correlation coefficient). As an example, the hierarchical clustergram of median expression values was computed on 8343 cells in the germinal layers of monkey developing cerebral cortex stained for Pax6 (red), Tbr2 (blue),(More)
Generation of the primate cortex is characterized by the diversity of cortical precursors and the complexity of their lineage relationships. Recent studies have reported miscellaneous precursor types based on observer classification of cell biology features including morphology, stemness, and proliferative behavior. Here we use an unsupervised machine(More)
It has been hypothesized that the higher number of neurons in human cortex compared to the chimpanzee and other primate species is key to high cognitive function. Are human cortical precursors endowed with specific properties that drive greater neuronal expansion than in other non-human primates? Otani et al. 2016 addressed this issue taking advantage of(More)
Major nonprimate-primate differences in cortico-genesis include the dimensions, precursor lineages, and developmental timing of the germinal zones (GZs). microRNAs (miRNAs) of laser-dissected GZ compartments and cortical plate (CP) from embryonic E80 macaque visual cortex were deep sequenced. The CP and the GZ including ventricular zone (VZ) and outer and(More)
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