M. Beth Goens

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We propose a new semi-automatic segmentation strategy on echocardiographic images, which combines a recently introduced Gradient Vector Flow (GVF) Fast Geometric Active Contour (GAC) model and a modified level sets methods applied to echocardiographic data by Corsi et al. [1]. We call it adaptive GVF GAC model. We note that echoardiographic images are(More)
In this paper, we describe a new freehand ultrasound imaging system for reconstructing the left ventricle from 2D echocardiography slices. An important contribution of the proposed system is its ability to reconstruct from multiple standard views. The multi-view reconstruction procedure results in significant reduction in reconstruction error over single(More)
In this paper, we describe a freehand, three-dimensional ultrasound imaging system. The system uses an electromagnetic position and orientation measurement device to capture two-dimensional ultrasound images at arbitrary planar orientations in space. For robust performance, we use a novel electromagnetic interference detection algorithm that can be used to(More)
BACKGROUND A significant limitation of existing 3D ultrasound systems comes from the fact that the majority of them work with fixed acquisition geometries. As a result, the users have very limited control over the geometry of the 2D scanning planes. METHODS We present a low-cost and flexible ultrasound imaging system that integrates several image(More)
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