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According to the concept of the Q-cycle, the H+/e- ratio of the electron transport chain of thylakoids can be raised from 2 to 3 by means of the rereduction of plastoquinone across the cytochrome b6f complex. In order to investigate the H+/e- ratio we compared stationary rates of electron transport and proton translocation in spinach thylakoids both in the(More)
We consider scattering from a corrugated hard surface Z with random moving perturbations (a ‘rippling mirror’). Kirchhoff’s approximation enables the classical limit, diffraction effects and incoherence to be treated within the same framework. The classical rainbow is a curve V in the two-dimensional space of deflections G; we study the topology of V and(More)
We investigated the effect of specific symptom information on faking a personality disorder on the MMPI-2. Four groups of adult subjects were studied: 23 normal adults given specific information about borderline personality disorder (BPD) and instructed to simulate it, 23 normal adults instructed to simulate a psychological disturbance without specific(More)
10.1128/MCB.21.11.3840-3852.2001. 2001, 21(11):3840. DOI: Mol. Cell. Biol. Gladyshev and Dolph L. Hatfield Berry, Alan M. Diamond, Byeong Jae Lee, Vadim N. Feigenbaum, David B. Mansur, Raymond F. Burk, Marla J. Harney, Kristina E. Hill, Gerald F. Combs, Lionel El-Saadani, Gregory V. Kryukov, Qi-An Sun, John W. Mohamed E. Moustafa, Bradley A. Carlson,(More)
In an effort to determine the origin of the staphylococci known to invade the deep tissues (liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs and heart) of mice exposed continuously to 50 C in individual compartments without bedding, the intestinal tract was freed of these organisms, as judged by absence of growth when fecal suspensions were inoculated into selective media.(More)
One branch of the current research in aircraft design at Linköping University is focused on fast concept evaluation in early design stages. This covers multidisciplinary optimization using tools of different level of complexity and lowcost subscale flight testing. In some cases a flight test will provide more answers than several computations ever could. In(More)
Pagina 1 van 50 1. Ahn, C. S., et al. (2013). "Cosmetic Procedures Performed in the United States: A 16-Year Analysis." Dermatol Surg. BACKGROUND: Cosmetic procedures, particularly those that are minimally invasive, are in demand. The physician specialties performing these procedures are not well-characterized. OBJECTIVE: To examine changes in the frequency(More)
Most traditional Geo-business applications force spatial information, such as customer location, to be aggregated into large generalized reporting units. More recently targeted marketing, retail trade area analysis, competition analysis and predictive modeling provide examples applying sophisticated spatial analysis and statistics to improve decision making(More)