M. Benvenuto

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Individuals differ considerably in their emotion experience. Some experience emotions in a highly differentiated manner, clearly distinguishing among a variety of negative and positive discrete emotions. Others experience emotions in a relatively undifferentiated manner, treating a range of like-valence terms as interchangeable. Drawing on self-regulation(More)
The management of age related diseases is one of the most discussed and controverted topic in Healthcare policy: cost-efficient solutions are needed to reduce the economic impact on welfare systems and to improve the quality of life of the patients. This is particularly true for chronic diseases, in which a simple, but continuous monitoring of suitable(More)
This paper proposes the development of an innovative measurement system for telerehabilitation with the aim to provide objective evaluation of functional capacity of patients subject to lower limb rehabilitation. In particular the system has based on the set of wearable MEMs sensors which detect the 3D orientation of the limbs and communicate with a Central(More)
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