M Bennema-Broos

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BACKGROUND In this paper, the hypothesis that the spatial distribution of hospital beds is more even in countries with socialist or social democratic governments than in countries with conservative or Christian democratic governments was tested. To avoid the confounding influences of historical and institutional differences between countries, we used the(More)
In 1990 the Dutch organisations for health care providers, patients-organizations and insurance companies agreed on the implementation of quality systems in health care. Ever since, the health care professions--including dentists--are being involved in the development of quality systems to assure and improve the quality of care. In 2000 a national survey(More)
In 1998 mutual practice visitation has been introduced in the Dutch dental practice as a method to improve quality of dental care. The method is called 'mutual visitation' because groups of three dentists visit and evaluate each others practices. An independent research institute (Nivel) investigated the perceived effects, advantages and barriers of(More)
In the Netherlands over 20% of dentists participate in peer review groups. The peer review method is highly structured and consists of: setting standards for good dental care, measuring and evaluating performances against the standards and making improvements if necessary. An independent research institute (Nivel) investigated the perceived effects and(More)
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